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Föreläsningar om professionell cosplay

From Passion to Work
- A Way to Make a Living of Cosplay

A talk by Kimberley "Zhuan" Åhage.

Kimberley Åhage is a project manager, social media manager, brand manager, and broadcast host, based in Stockholm Sweden. She's been working full time with E-sport and Cosplay since 2013, and has had a lot of opportunities to hire cosplayers in her work for events and broadcasts and working close with some of the major companies in the business.

She is here to talk to you about how to turn a passion into a job, what employers are looking for, the dos and don'ts of social media and how to actually go about getting cosplay jobs. She talks from experience and passion to help people reach their goals, engage people to find opportunities and help them to the next level.

Her resume is long and strong, working with several companies such as Bandai Namco, Blizzard Entertainment, DreamHack, Paradox Interactive, the Swedish TV channels SVT and TV4, and also several broadcasts such as The Swedish Championship in E-sport and Sve-cup.

The Road to International Cosplay Competing

A talk by Johanna "Ciwiel" Schramm.

Johanna is an innovative and accurate cosplayer with an eye for the smallest details. Her costumes are not only appreciated for their resemblance and detail, but also for her realistic way of making the characters she impersonates in both looks and act. She keeps developing for every costume that she makes and her skills never stop reaching new levels. Let her invite you to the illusion that cosplay is all about!

Johanna have previously done jobs for both Blizzard & Paradox Interactive, she holds a lecture on prop building and innovated cosplay materials. During the lecture you will get an insight in competing at internationell level, the way of judging, check lists, poses on stage, and how to keep those nervs calm. She talks with lots of experience from the internationell world of cosplay both as contestant and as a judge.

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